Pasta dishes are very popular around the world. The main reason for their popularity is that they combine fantastically well with vegetables, cheese, garlic and meat, and a large varieties of sauces. Pasta dough is usually made using wheat flour and there are more than 90 different varieties of pasta in varying shapes and sizes. Pasta is very healthy and is rich in iron and vitamins.

This is a very simple pasta recipe that gets done in a jiffy. The sauce is prepared in Indo Chinese style. I have used carrots, potatoes, capsicums and peas but you can add any vegetable of your choice. Since potatoes and peas take more time to cook, I have used a pressure cooker to speed up the process. Vegetarians can omit chicken and there will not be much difference in the taste.


Papaya is a commonly available fruit packed with several health benefits. Sometimes the taste of the papaya is not as sweet as you wish, and it is on those days that you can try this dessert. It is very easy to prepare and tastes delicious.


Prawns  are a very delicious and easy to cook sea food. They are rich in proteins and omega 3 fatty acids which are very good for the body. This is a very simple recipe of biryani which gets done in less than 1/2 an hour. Here we have used a pressure cooker to create dum for the biryani.


This is a quick recipe that can be done in about 15 minutes. Replace cabbage with other veggies of your choice.


Pizza is an oven baked flat bread topped with tomato sauce, vegetables, cheese and other toppings. If you can spare 1 to 2 hours, this delicacy from Italy can be easily prepared at home. This simple recipe is a slight modification to the regular pizza as it uses small chunks of fried chicken as a the main topping. The addition of  fried chicken pieces further enhances the taste of the pizza.


Skirts are one of the most essential garments in a girl’s wardrobe. From traditional ghagras to the regular floral skirts, the appeal of skirts is indisputable. Teamed with a matching top and a stylish scarf or dupatta they look fabulous. They are also very comfortable to wear and trendy. Depending on the volume of the skirt and its design, skirts are of different types.


Dals like moong dal, chana dal and toor dal are a staple food in several Indian homes. They are a rich source of proteins, carbohydrates and fibre. 
Dal chutney is a traditional recipe made using toor dal and is served with either rice or roti.
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