As the arrival date of a new born baby nears, there is lots of excitement and as well as anxiousness among parents. It is at this time, would-be mothers need to be all the more careful and keep a hospital bag with basic essentials for her and the baby ready. Keeping a baby bag ready a month prior to the due date would help in avoiding last minute shopping, packing and other hassles.

Here I am sharing the must-have baby essentials that have to be placed in your hospital bag, so that the new born is comfortable and all his basic necessities are met.

Things that a baby bag must contain

  • Towels - Cotton towels, turkey towels and carry towels
  • Napkins and tissues
  • Toiletries -Baby soap, powder, hair oil and baby lotion ( consult your doctor on the brand)
  • Clothes - New born jablas, bib, mittens, socks, and caps
  • Baby carriers and blankets
  • Water proof sheets and plastic sheets
  • Utensils - bowl, spoon, feeding bottle, bottle cover, etc
  • diapers, cloth diapers, wipes and diaper changing sheets

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