Murgh methi or chicken and fenugreek leaves gravy is a popular gravy best served with chapathi, rice or Naan. Fresh fenugreek leaves have been used in this recipe and it is this ingredient that gives a wonderful taste and flavour to the gravy.


Onion is a quintessential ingredient used in Indian cooking to prepare curries, sauces, chutneys, rice varieties, etc. Today's recipe is a simple recipe of paratha with onion as the main ingredient. This recipe does not require many ingredients or hours of preparation and hence is a perfect recipe you can turn to when you have little time and yet wish to have a change from your regular routine.


Chicken and bell peppers are a fabulous combination and this gravy wonderfully combines the two along with tomatoes, onion, red chilli powder and soya sauce. Hence this dish not only looks good but also tastes fantastic. The gravy can be served with fried rice, plain rice or even chapathi.

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