Stitching a money purse at home is very simple and easy. What more sewing a money purse at home gives you the satisfaction of making something yourselves and also gives you the choice of fabrics and colours. You can also make money purse out of unused fabrics at home which needed recycling since a long time. You can make purses out of jeans fabric, satin, cotton, net, shimmer or anything of your choice.

You can follow this pictorial as a thought starter and make a purse in any design, style and size of your choice. You can also decorate it with lace, ribbons, sequins, etc to add a personal touch to it. These handmade purses are also ideal for gifting your near and dear ones.

This handmade money purse can be made in just about an hour. All you need is fabrics, a stiffener, threads and a zip along with a sewing machine. If you do not have a sewing machine, you can still make this with a needle and thread following the instructions given here.

I wanted my money purse to be of length = 4" and breadth = 3", so I cut the fabric with dimension 5"x 7". 

Cut 2 fabrics with the dimensions given above. One is the main fabric and the other is the lining. A stiffener has to be inserted between these two fabrics to make the purse stiff. Cut the stiffener 1/2" less than the main fabric on all sides.

Now take the two fabrics one on top of the other and stitch along 3 sides leaving 1/4" allowance.

You will then get a pocket.

Insert the stiffener between the two fabrics.

Next seal the open portion as well by stitching. Now you will have a single piece with main fabric on one side, lining fabric on the other side made stiff by the stiffener in between.

The zip has to be attached to the fabric like this.

So turn to the reverse and stitch the zip to the fabric as shown.

Stitch again on top near the zip to hold it in place.

Now fold the fabric and stitch the other part of the zip as shown

Turn to the correct side and check if the zip closes properly.

Turn the purse to the reverse and stitch along the sides

Cut off the extra bits of the zip.

Turn to the correct side. Your handmade money purse is ready.

Make money purses in any style, design, fabric or size of your choice and gift them to your family and friends. I am sure they will like it. 

I hope you liked this tutorial. Do share images of your money purse with me and I will include them in this page.

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