I have been planning to make a draw string purse from quite some time. After trying out twice with different fabrics and patterns, I finally came up with this simple and easy draw string purse. I have used a stiffener to make it stiff and hence this is ideal for keeping mobiles, i pods or mp3 players. You can make this large or small, with or without a stiffener, using any material of your choice, and use it for keeping anything that you wish - make-up products, accessories, or coins… This needs only basic single stitch hence even beginners can give it a try…

 Materials required

Thick cloth (preferably cotton or silk, I have used silk here)
Matching Thread
Sewing machine(you can as well use a hand needle)
Stiffener (cloth or plastic)
Satin ribbons


  • Cut two pieces of cloth with measurements 6”x 10” (or customize it according to your choice). 
  • Take 1 piece of cloth, fold in the reverse and stitch on 2 sides leaving ¼” from the sides. (Keep one side open to insert the stiffener.) 
  • Turn it to the correct side and insert a stiffener. 
  • Fold 1/8” of cloth along the open side inwards and stitch on top as close to the ends as possible. Do the same thing with the other piece of cloth as well. Now you will have 2 finished pieces of cloth with a stiffener sandwiched between two layers of cloth in each piece.

  • Now fold 1” on top of each piece and stitch as shown in the picture above. This is done to make an opening for the draw string. 
  • Next join the two pieces together in the reverse (such that the folded part of the cloth is seen outside) and stitch on 3 sides as close to the edges as possible. (Since the cloth is already stitched and ready, there is no problem of thread coming out.) 
  • Stitch only till the opening and close with a reverse stitch. 
  • Now carefully turn to the correct side, and insert a ribbon from one side and make sure it passes through the other piece and comes out on the same side. (One full rotation) Repeat the process of inserting another ribbon from the other side and taking it out.

  • Pull the ribbons and your draw string purse is ready. Give a small cut at the edges of the ribbon to prevent the threads from coming out.

I have also given a blue print below for better understanding

  • I have used a stiffener to keep it stiff. You can skip this if you do not want a stiff purse.
  • If using satin fabrics, do not use the same fabric for both inside and outside. Use a cotton lining for the inner side so that the purse will retain its shape. 
  • Instead of using the same material on both inside and outside, you can use cotton, satin or tissue fabrics on the outside along with lining cloth for the inside.
  • This method saves the problem of over locking the edges as threads usually keep coming out.
  • You can measure and cut the cloth according to your requirements to make a larger or wider draw string purse.
  • Instead of using satin ribbons, you can also stitch a thin draw string with the same cloth and insert through the openings.
  • You can decorate the purse with sequins, embroidery, stones, chamkis, etc to enhance its appeal.


  1. Love to take this money bag right now. Will you give me :) Nice and easy making.

    Today's recipe:


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