“Muslims who helped build India” is a special book conceived by M. Rafeeque Ahmed (who is a Padma Shri award winner and Chairman of Farida Group) and brought to shape by Nishraj Gurung, Abrar Ahmed, Sayee P, Jyotsana Bharti, Lata K and Dr. Kamal Sheriff. This book is a storehouse of information and knowledge to all of us as it focuses on the contributions made by Muslims towards the development and betterment of our country India.

One look at the book and I knew that this book would be an interesting read and I was not wrong. Covering more than 200 personalities, who helped shape India, who died for India, who worked in the development of India in various fields, this book is a treasure.

The book is divided into two parts, Muslims in pre- independence India and Muslims in post – independence India.

Contributions made by Muslims in pre- independence India focuses on Muslims who participated and sacrificed their lives during the freedom struggle and also those who helped the growth of India in various fields like education, arts, business, sports, etc.

The contributions made by Muslims after independence in fields like education, military, business, arts, science, etc. are discussed in the second part.

The write-ups on each individual are short, crisp and accompanied with colourful photographs. The book also has small tit-bits of information in between which I think is a great idea to keep the readers’ attention.

The book lauds the efforts of all Muslim personalities who have contributed for the betterment of our country including those who might have been inadvertently missed while creating this book.
Some snaps from the book are given here so that readers may get a better idea of the book and its importance in the present context. India is strong because of its multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-religious nature.

I am glad and thankful to M. Rafeeque Ahmed who sent a copy of this book to my father V. M. Khaleeleur Rahman as otherwise I would not have got the opportunity to read such a wonderful book. This book is not for sale and it is going to be distributed to various schools and libraries across the country.

As Mr. Rafeeque Ahmed has said in this covering letter, this book will help spread awareness among all, particularly children, on the significant contribution of Muslims for India’s growth and prosperity. I hope that this book will be of interest to one and all.

Some snapshots from the book   


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