Summer has just arrived and its time of the year to bring in those vibrant and colourful cotton frocks. Frocks are an ideal dress for girls to wear during summers as they are roomy, comfortable and allow air to circulate. I usually buy or stitch a few cotton frocks a couple of months before summer as they allow my little one to feel at ease during the hot weather. Here in this post, I am sharing a few frock patterns that are trendy, stylish and ideal to wear during summers. 

This sleeveless frock has piping done using black colour fabric at the neck and arm holes. A lace with black chamkis has been stitched at the waist line and a black coloured fabric of 1 and 1/2" width has been stitched at the bottom of the frock to bring in some contrast and look to the frock.

This frock is cut in umbrella style/ half flare and has puff sleeves. Shimmering net material along with a cotton lining has been used to give shape to the frock. Satin fabric has been used to make the sleeve ends and waist band.

This cotton frock is cut in waist fullness style and has pleats starting from the waist. The frock has two layers and a zip is attached at the back. A small bow with a sequin is stitched in front and piping at the sleeves, neck and edges is done with a matching colour fabric.

This two toned frock is stitched using cotton silk fabric and has panels below the waist. Piping is done at the neck and sleeves and a lace with chamkis is stitched at the waist. 

Here in this long frock, 2 different patterns of cotton fabrics have been used to bring look and contrast to the frock. Normal sleeves have been stitched at the arm holes and a zip has been stitched at the back.

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