Sunita had a bad day at office. What with juggling home, office and a naughty kid, she already had her hands full. And now her favourite companion, with whom she paid her monthly bills, shopped online and re-winded browsing through videos and social media posts, was acting weird. The keypad was not working, the screen went blank all of a sudden and finally her 2 year old smart phone was just dead.

Her world came crashing down literally as Sunita had the habit of using her phone for every single thing- alarm, reminders, calculator, etc. It was her most precious possession. She got permission from office and rushed to the nearest mobile shop to get it repaired. The shopkeeper took the phone and asked her to wait. After more than half an hour, he was back and gave her phone back. She immediately pressed the keypad and checked its functioning. It had become slow and the keypad was still not working properly. “This was all I could do, Most parts need to be changed. Better you get a new phone” the shopkeeper said. She paid the bill and came out in despair.

Sunita could not accept the idea of parting with her favourite phone and that too which looked so good as new. She dreaded the idea of installing everything in another phone again as she was not tech savvy and hated installing apps, transferring contacts, etc. She took the phone to two other shops nearby but the result was the same. She came home sad. Her husband Arvind with whom she had shared this news while waiting at the shop, was home with a brand new Apple iPhone. She jumped at joy looking at the new one. Her sadness began to fade away. Arvind made all the necessary changes to her new phone, transferred Sim and contacts, installed apps and gave her the brand new phone with everything ready to use. She thanked him profusely and could not believe her luck of having such an understanding and loving husband. 

But what would she do with the old one? It was her favourite. She hoarded it like a treasure for the next 6 months and used it sometimes as a paper weight, alarm clock or FM radio. Her husband could not help laughing at her and finally one day, he asked “How long are you planning to keep it, why not sell it?”

She said “I do not know, I took it to a shopkeeper last week and he is willing to pay just 500 for such a costly phone. So I thought that I might as well use it than to give it off at such measly rate.”

Then he said “Haven’t you heard of Cashify? They value our device, pick them from our doorstep and pay cash instantly or through any other payment mode of our choice. It’s so easy and quick.”

“This indeed looks like a great idea. I will check it out. At least then I will be relieved that my phone has been bought at a price that it deserves.” Sunita replied jubilantly.

She then logged on to Cashify.com and got her smart phone estimated. It was much more than what she expected. The people from Cashify came and picked up the phone from her doorstep and paid cash instantly. Sunita was delighted with Cashify's hassle-free service. It was indeed #CleanUpCashOut.

Just like Sunita, we too hoard plenty of gadgets at home not having an idea how to sell it or dump it. Cashify is a boon to all of us as it provides hassle free pick-up and helps us in monetizing our unused and old gadgets. Cashify is also running an offer now, whereby using the coupon code CLEANCASH, the user gets an additional Rs. 250 on sale of their devices. It indeed is a win- win situation for all of us as it not only cleans up our house of unused and unwanted devices but also gives us cash in return. 

You can also check out this interesting video from Cashify. So head over to Cashify.com and check it out yourselves. I am sure you will like it.

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