Travelling is a rejuvenating and exciting experience. And when you have a little one for company, this experience becomes all the more beautiful. But travelling with a new born is not a cake walk. There are a plenty of things we need to take care to ensure that travel with a new born baby is a happy experience.

I remember travelling with my new born daughter for the first time when she was just 2 months old. She was so delicate that I was terrified at the idea of travelling with her. What if she catches cold? What if she gets sprains? Will she be able to sleep well? And plenty more questions were going across my mind.

I am sure most parents would have the same fear lingering around while planning a holiday or travel with their new born. Here are a few tips and tricks that would make travel with a new born easy, safe and pleasurable.


  • If possible travel with family. When there are more hands to look after the new born baby, you are much more relaxed and can enjoy the travel better.
  • Decide on the mode of travel that would be easier and comfortable for the baby. Travel by train is much better than bus for a new born baby. But if your destination is very far, it is better to choose the fastest mode of transport.
  • Plan the destinations and stop overs in advance so that you will be prepared as to when you can feed the baby or put her to sleep.
  • While booking hotel rooms, do check out if the hotels provide a crib. Having a crib would ensure a good rest and sleep for the baby.
  • While visiting tourist spots, it is better to hire a cab or van than travel in tourist buses as hiring a cab ensures privacy and you can feed the baby or put her to sleep at ease.
  • Visit places that are child safe and where weather is warm and sunny. Travelling to hill stations, deserts, or places where weather is too cold or hot might cause discomfort and health issues to the new born baby.


  • Always carry a baby carrier as it keeps the baby comfortable. You can use a front carrier or a hand carrier depending on your convenience.
  • Write down all the necessary things you need for your baby before packing. Tick each one of them as you start packing so that you do not leave anything out.
  • Carry all the basic essentials for the baby in a single bag as you do not have to search when you need something urgently.
  • It is always best to use diapers while travelling as it keeps the baby dry and you too do not have the trouble of changing nappies every now and then. Huggies is a great option as it is soft and makes the baby feel comfortable and dry for a long time. Using Huggies diapers, your baby also sleeps well and remains active and bright all day. 
  • Book tickets for railway or plane or bus travel according to the sleep patterns of your baby. The motto is that the baby has to sleep during the train, bus or plane journey. This will ensure that the baby gets a good sleep and is alert and happy during the rest of the journey.


  • Baby food and formula milk in large quantity is a must. Also pack small sterilized bottles or zip lock bags to carry milk powder and baby food in your purse.
  • Clothes for the new born baby. Always choose clothes those are easy for the baby to wear.
  • Warm clothes like sweaters, mittens, caps and blankets are must if travelling during winters.
  • Basic essentials for the baby like baby soap, baby powder, feeding bottles, bottle covers, flasks, wet wipes, plastic sheet, water proof sheets, etc.
  • Huggies diapers in plenty, towels and napkins.
  • Medications for the baby prescribed by the doctor are also mandatory. Syrups for fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, etc. along with band aid, antiseptic lotion must be kept handy.

With these tips, travel with a new born baby becomes a safe and enriching experience.

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