Carrot halwa is one of my family's favorite sweets. We often make this at home on special occasions and festivals. Making carrot halwa is very easy if we have grated carrots ready. Here in this post I am going to share the recipe of making carrot halwa which tastes just like the ones we get in sweet shops/ restaurants.

The main steps that make the Carrot halwa get the right taste, texture and consistency is cooking the grated carrots in ghee and adding unsweetened khova or mawa at the end. So, you get a Carrot halwa that has a slight bite to it, but still soft and melts in the mouth.

Let's move to the recipe of making Halwai style carrot halwa at home.


400 gms/ 5 carrots grated ( I got 5 bowls of grated carrot)
1 bowl sugar
1 bowl milk
3 tbsp ghee
3 tbsp chopped almonds, cashews and pistachios
Seeds of 3 cardamoms
75 gms / 1/2 bowl unsweetened khova ( I used milky mist)


  • Grate the carrots and keep ready. I got 5 small bowls of carrot.
  • I used the same bowl to measure sugar, milk and khova.
  • The quantity of 1 bowl is 180 ml.
  • Now heat ghee in a non stick pan.
  • Add chopped cashews and almonds and saute till they turn golden
  • Transfer to a bowl and keep ready. We will add in the end.
  • Now add the grated carrots and saute.
  • Cook for about 10 minutes while stirring till the carrots turn color and are cooked.
  • Then add sugar and cardamom seeds and cook for about 5 minutes.
  • Next add milk and mix well.
  • Cook for sometime till the milk evaporates.
  • Add crumbled khova and switch off the gas.
  • Mix well, add fried nuts and pistachios and transfer the halwa to a serving bowl.
  • Garnish with some more chopped nuts.
  • Delicious carrot halwa is ready to be served.
You can also check out the video of making this delicious Carrot halwa at home by checking out the link below.


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