Chocolate is a sweet luxury that melts everyone's hearts. It is a favorite among kids and adults alike. I too have a sweet tooth and chocolate is one of my first choices when I am craving for something sweet.

Recently, I came to know about Bee Tee's melt chocolates and decided to try it out. Bee Tees chocolates come in 3 flavors 72% Dark chocolate, 48 % Milk chocolate and 54 % Coconut milk chocolate.

The chocolates came well packed along with an Gel frost pack to keep them fresh. The floral printed cover of the chocolate looked awesome and I was impressed reading the cover as they promised to be gluten free, Soy free and preservative free.

Taste wise, all the 3 chocolates tasted good and different from chocolates that I have tasted earlier from other brands. Bee Tee's dark chocolate and Coconut milk chocolate are refined sugar free and hence are more healthier than other chocolate brands.

Bee Tee's melt chocolates are also ideal for gifting as they look and taste good; and your friends and family would surely like them.

Some information about Bee Tee's chocolates

Bee Tees melt chocolates are bean to bar manufacturer of chocolates from Chennai. They use the finest cocoa bean to make their chocolates. Bee Tees melt chocolates are handcrafted and the cocoa beans are imported from a single UTZ certified farm. Their chocolates do not use cocoa powder or cocoa solids and hence have an authentic taste. What more, the chocolates are vegetarian and healthier compared to other chocolate brands.

My review

I liked all the 3 flavors of chocolate, especially the coconut milk chocolate as it had no refined sugar and subtle flavor of coconut gave it a wonderful taste. Even though the chocolates are priced a little high, they are worth it as you get to eat a natural and delicious chocolate without any guilt.

Bee Tee's melt chocolates are available on Amazon and flipkart or you can also buy them directly through their website at a discounted price.

Do check out my video below where I have unboxed the chocolates.

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