Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. Today I am sharing the review of Diamond painting kit that I purchased recently.

Diamond painting is trending these days. So I thought why not purchase it so that my daughter can work on it during her holidays.

So we got out hands on this cute looking Teddy bear design Diamond painting diy kit. By the way the sequins here are called diamonds and sticking them on the design is called painting 😆

Anyways, whatever the name, this is a very interesting activity for kids and the end result is really amazing.  

The kit came with a thick canvas with the design on which the diamonds have to be glued, a small tray, a diamond pen, jelly glue, a photo frame and of course diamonds of different colours.

The diamonds of different colours are marked each with an alphabet. And the design has these alphabets marked on it. So if peach diamonds are marked as M, then wherever M appears on the design, we have to glue the peach colored diamonds on it.

My daughter enjoyed working on this Diamond painting kit. This activity kit definitely teaches patience, accuracy and precision to kids. 

Finally after finishing, we can place the canvas inside the photo frame that comes with it. This diamond painting kit is priced around Rs 499 in Amazon and you can purchase it if you are interested.

I am sharing the purchase link below for your reference.

Diamond painting kit

I have also shared the Unboxing and review video of the Diamond painting kit on my YouTube channel. You can check it out by clicking the link below.

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I will be back with another post very soon. Till then take care and Bye bye.

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