I was already in a dilemma whether to buy a Laptop, Desktop or a notebook when ASUS launched two new devices that took my confusion to an all new level. The ASUS Eeebook X 205 and the ASUS All-in-One PC ET2040 are packed with features that make them stand out from the crowd. The former is a notebook and the latter is a desktop PC, both running on Windows. 

A brief look on the features of both devices:

ASUS Eeebook X 205 

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The ASUS Eeebook X 205 notebook is stylish and affordable. Apart from having an ultra thin design, it is compact, light weight and looks fantastic. It has the following features

  • Windows 8.1
  • 12 hours of battery life for all day computing
  • Microsoft office 365 included with 1 year subscription
  • Quad core processor for smooth multi tasking
  • Compact and light weight, with weight less than 1 kg
  • Highly sensitive touch pad with incredible accuracy
  • Real and life like visuals
  • Front facing speakers to bring music to life
  • Available in dark blue, gold, red and white colours

Price: Rs: 14999

ASUS All-in-One PC ET2040

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The ASUS All-in-One PC ET2040 is slim, stylish and elegant. It has a lightning fast Intel processor, 1 TB hard drive, 100 GB cloud storage  and high end graphics which make everyday computing easier. It is the best desktop PC available in the market now and has the following features

  • Smart backup power prevents data loss up to one hour
  • Windows 8.1
  • Slim and space saving design
  • 19.5 inch LED screen for a Crisp clear and bright display
  • Rich and crystal clear sound
  • Seamless and fast multi tasking
  • easy switching between multiple apps
  • Innovative gesture control for hands-free entertainment
  • Comprehensive array of I/O ports with three USB 3.0, three USB 2.0 and HDMI-output
  • Built in apps to produce, play and share 

Price: Rs. 25999

Which one did I select?

Even though both ASUS Eebook X 205 notebook and ASUS All-in-One PC ET2040 are loaded with features that are hard to resist and everyone wishes to own both, I would go with the ASUS All-in-One PC ET2040 as it is a complete package and would perfectly suit my needs. 

Being a blogger who blogs about food and dress designs, I want my computer to make my job of editing photos and making videos simple. Built in apps like the PhotoDirector and the PowerDirector would come handy and make it easier to manage my photos and videos. Further I spend a lot of time visiting fellow blogs, watching videos and searching the internet for new recipes to try and innovate, for these the innovative gesture controls would be of great help as i can sit at a distance and browse, play songs etc, using my hand movements without touching the screen, keyboard or a mouse. It is super fast with its USB ports recharging smart phones up to 50% faster and transferring data up to 10 times faster. All these along with fast multi tasking and easy switching between multiple apps would save my time and effort. ASUS All-in-One PC ET2040 is indeed the best choice if you are looking to buy a new desktop PC.

This post is a part of the ASUS Go Sleek activity on Indiblogger.

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