Everyone wishes to look beautiful and have a clear face. But dust, pollution, hormones, unhealthy diet, etc have an adverse effect on the skin and face and result in the eruption of pimples. Pimple, zit or acne occurs when excess oil gets tapped in the pores of the skin and causes infection. They can appear anywhere on the face or other parts of the body. Pimples on the face are more serious as they can spread easily and leave behind dark spots.

My definition of pimple:

P - Pricking
I - Irritating
M - Moaning
P - Panic
L - Lumpy
E - Erupting

My experience with pimples too has been bad. Right from my school days pimples used to disturb and irritate me appearing on my forehead, nose or chin. They would grow in size, erupt out with pus and leave behind dark spots, spoiling my face and putting me in an awkward position. I tried several home remedies and whatever people suggested but nothing worked. My pimple problem continued not just for a few months but for a long time.

My day to day life was affected as my face with pimples lowered my self confidence and I hesitated to participate in school and college programmes and even family functions, birthday parties,get togethers etc. I also started avoiding cameras and photo sessions, as I did not want the " pimpled face " to be seen by others.

I just wanted the damn pimples to go and never come back again

I researched on the Internet and found that a healthy diet and a stress free lifestyle helps a lot in curbing the growth of pimples. Further keeping face clean and never popping a pimple goes in a long way in preventing the spread of germs. I tried the tips to keep pimples at bay and started making the following changes to my diet and lifestyle.

  • Sleeping for minimum 8 hours
  • Exercising for at least half an hour daily
  • Including more greens and veggies in the diet
  • Reducing intake of sugar and oil
  • Keeping away from fast foods
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Keeping skin oil free

I followed these steps punctually and started using face washes to keep my face clean. Following the diet plan and using face wash regularly reduced the frequency of pimples to some extent, but I was in need of a face wash that would stop pimples completely. It was at that moment I started using  Garnier Pure active Neem face wash which is specially meant for pimple prone skin and voila! it worked and my pimples started disappearing. It's soap free formula is enriched with Neem Leaf extract and tea tree oils that prevent pimples from coming.

Neem tree                                                            

Neem has been known the world over for its benefits on skin. It lightens blemishes, fights pimples, moisturizes skin, prevents aging, and gives the skin a natural glow. And Tea tree oil is very beneficial for acne treatment. It is these curative properties of Neem and tea tree oils present in the Garnier face wash that prevents pimples.

Garnier Pure active Neem face wash works by fighting pimple causing germs, deep cleansing the pores to remove impurities caused by pollution and washes away excess oil which attract dirt and germs.

From the time I started using Garnier Pure active Neem face wash, I could see marked changes on my face. The dark spots started lightening and I haven’t got a new pimple from quite some time. Garnier pure active neem  face wash suited me perfectly and all thanks to Garnier, my face is now clear and pimple free.

Garnier Pure Active Real Neem face wash

Although I am not a poet, I have ventured to pen the following verses about my experience with pimples and the rescue rendered by Garnier Pure active neem face wash.

Pimples were once my biggest foe
They would come and never go
Home remedies were of no use
As stubborn pimples refused to move

For a forthcoming cousin's wedding
 I bought new shoes and clothing
A time when I wanted to look stunning
 forehead pimples spoiled my planning

I decided to give the pimple a nice cover
and applied foundation and concealer
Changed my hair style to a new one
I thought my look was neatly done

The marriage was going on fine
and we were just about to dine
when the power went off all of a sudden
And my face was sweat laden

All efforts went in vain
As the pimple again gave me pain
It made its ugly presence
And spoiled my appearance

I finally decided to take a stand
Searched for a good face wash brand
To keep my face fresh and clear
 I turned to Garnier

Garnier Pure active Neem is the best
To give pimples a rest 
Pimples don't leave a mark 
as it erases all spots light and dark

Using Garnier Pure Active face wash pimples began to evade
And the dark spots began to fade
Pimples no longer kept pace
As Garnier gave smile back to my face

Thanks to Indiblogger and Garnier for hosting this contest and giving the opportunity to share my experience about my favorite brand Garnier.


  1. Well written, Amina :)
    I like the PIMPLE word's creative expansion :) Cool Poem too. Pimples are scary!
    Best wishes for the contest!


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