Going to a foreign country for education or work is not a cake walk. There are several procedures that need to be followed, guidelines that have to be met and documents that have to be submitted. From visa application forms to university admission forms, we need to run from pillar to post to get everything in order. All this is a long and time consuming process. Along with these another important requisite for getting admissions in universities abroad and visa applications is clearing the English test.

Clearing the English language test is mandatory for obtaining visas and getting admitted in universities abroad. Pearson has made clearing this test hassle free, fair and quick with PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English Academic). It is the fastest, fairest and most flexible test for proving our English language proficiency. Since it is computer based, it is transparent, fair and there is no chance of bias. PTE Academics is recognized by universities across the world including Harvard university and Imperial college London, etc. It is also accepted by the governments of New Zealand and Australia.

You can see from the video below, how easy, reliable and secure the examination process is. There is also provision for an optional break during the test and security is given utmost importance.

#DefinitelyPTE Academic makes clearing the English test a lot easy. Everything is transparent, secure and quick. Right from the process of applying for the test, to appearing for the exam, to the declaration of results. The three hour test can be scheduled up to 24 hours in advance and the results can be obtained in just about 5 business days. PTE Academic has more than 200 test centers across the globe which function for 360 days in a year. We can walk into one of its centers near our home and appear for the test.

The video below emphasizes the speed, reliability and importance of this test.

Further PTE preparation courses are also available that make preparing for the test a lot easier.

A short poem on the importance of PTE Academic for visa applications and admission in universities abroad

For visa applications,
and admission in university;
Clearing English language test 
is mandatory

PTE Academic is the best,
It is fast, secure and reliable;
and puts all our worries
to rest

With more than 200 centers,
that run all through the year,
We can select one
that is near.

Scheduling the test 
is so easy,
and appearing for the test
 secure and hassle free.

With Preparation courses
already available
Clearing the test
becomes easy and possible.

Results ready
in just 5 days;
PTE Academic makes immigration easy,
in many ways.

So if you are planning to go abroad for studies or work, #DefinitelyPTE is the best choice. You get to appear for the test and get the results in just  few days. This saves time and we can use the scores to apply for visas and admission in universities abroad.

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