Many times after we buy curtains for our homes we find that the curtains do not block much sun light, keep flying in the air and do not give the warmth and coziness that we require in our room. So in such cases, lining a curtain with a cotton lining material becomes necessary. Further, stitching a lining also helps in increasing the life of curtains as the lining saves the curtain fabric from exposure to direct sunlight.

Some pointers to keep in mind while selecting the lining.

  • Always buy a lining with colour that matches the curtain.
  • If you are lining yours to block sunlight use darker shades.
  • For adding volume, you can select lighter shades.
  • Always wash and iron or dry clean the lining fabric before stitching as it can shrink after wash.
  • Measure the length and breadth of your curtain and buy lining material accordingly.

Things needed:

Lining material
Matching thread

How to stitch a lining to a curtain

Here I am going to share a pictorial of stitching a lining to a curtain that is 140 cm x 115 cm. Since we cannot find a lining cloth of this dimension in the market, I have bought a cotton lining cloth that is of length = twice the breadth of the curtain + stitching allowance = 250 cm (i.e. 2 and 1/2 meters). I have then cut it into 2 pieces and have stitched the pieces together horizontally. Once the two parts are stitched together, I have stitched the lining to the curtain folding the raw edges by 1/2" (or more) along the sides. The extra cloth at the bottom has also been folded and stitched to the curtain. 


For proper alignment and to ease in stitching, you can use small pins or clips to hold the lining fabric and curtain together.

First leave 1/2" stitching allowance for stitching on either sides and cut the lining fabric.

For each curtain, you will need two pieces. Stitch these two pieces together as shown.

Once done, stitch the lining to the curtain as shown.

Stitch on all the four sides. Your lined curtain is ready.

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