Travel opens up our vision. It lets us explore new places, meet different people, taste new food, in total understand the beauty of nature and diversity all around. It also teaches us essential life skills and experiencing something new and different.

For every journey, we make elaborate plans and write down a Bucket list of things to do right from places to visit, hotels to stay, mode of transport, etc. We know what we can expect next and go fully prepared. But if we go to an unknown destination, how would that experience be.

This is what #TheBlindList is all about. It is a trip to a destination of which we have completely no knowledge. It is an unpredictable, adventurous, and enriching experience which opens our mind and motivates us to explore the world.

I am sharing my experience on going to one such unknown destination through a poem.

Oh God,
where have I just arrived?
is this something real?
Or a fragment of my mind.

May be it is a new city, town or country,
I do not know;
But it is definitely a place,
That made my face glow.

A place to which,
I came with an open mind;
Of which I had no knowledge,
and was completely blind.

Where it will take me,
I wished to know;
But I just basked in its beauty,
And went with the flow.

It took me to hills and mountains,
Far and wide;
To waterfalls and springs,
And lakeside.

There were trees everywhere,
And new things to see;
animals of different kinds,
and birds flying over the sea.

It bowled me,
With its simplicity;
And a thrill of being certain,
In a world of uncertainty.

Here I met people,
of every religion and race,
Their hearts were pure,
And had a golden glaze,

Away from dishonesty,
Hatred, jealousy and greed,
these people knew how to be happy,
By doing good deed.

No inequality, no abuse,
No violence and no rat race,
They surely made their world,
A wonderful place.

There I could walk,
Carefree and safe,
Enjoying this unknown trip,
With a smile on my face.

The name of the place
I don't remember;
But the experience I got,
would stay with me forever.

May be it was a dream or not,
Cannot be told;
But yes it was an experience,
That made me #SayYesToTheWorld!

Lufthansa's exciting new campaign too emphasizes on the thrill of travelling to an unknown place and rediscovering our blind love for the world. Do check out the video here.

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  1. You have beautifully expresssed everything travelling does for a person, meeting new people, mesemerizing beauty and a lot more. Beautiful Post.


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