First attach the sleeves to the arm holes. For this, first fold the sleeve into half and mark the centre as shown. Then place the sleeve such that the centre of the sleeve and the shoulder joint coincides and the correct sides of the sleeve and top are facing each other. Stitch on the reverse side on the line marked. Similarly attach the other sleeve.

Then start stitching at the sides as shown and stop on reaching the starting pt of the opening and give a few back stitches. Similarly stitch the other side. Then double fold the extra cloth at the opening in the reverse side and stitch on the correct side as shown. Do the same thing on the other side also.


  1. You have done a very fine job of teaching how to attach sleeves and finish the charks. I usually will just use piping or very narrow bias tape if the fabric is difficult to work with. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. As you are an expert on this I shall address this question to you. I just purchased a semi stitched anarkali suit online. When I got the material I saw that only the upper layer (the georgette material) has been stitched into a suit with sleeves and all and left open on the sides, but the lining material is supplied separately!! and not stitched along with the top half, that does not seem right to me. Is this how these things are supposed to be?? would'nt the whole thing have to be opened now to cut and stitch the lining??

    1. I understand your point of view... A few semi stitched ones might come with lining attached to the tupper layer... but since it is semi stitched, we have to accept the fact that we need to stitch it after purchasing it.... I too have bought semi stitched anarkali suits that had a separate lining material with stitching only on the upper layer...


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