Making a gift box is very simple. You can easily make a box using the method given below and use your creativity to make it look attractive. The whole process would just take about 15 minutes.

The gift box I have shown here has a length=5", breadth=2", thickness=1". I have then painted it using poster colours.

Basically to make one such box, you would need the following

Chart paper or any other thick paper
Gum or fevicol
Inch tape or scale


1. Roughly measure the size of the gift for which you are making the box. Add at least 1” to the measurements to ensure that the gift goes in easily and completely.

2. Using the basic pattern given below, and following the measurements taken, mark lines on the reverse side of the chart paper.


a to b = length
a to c = breadth
c to d = thickness
k to h = a to c
i to j = breadth-1”
f to g = length-1”
b to h = thickness

3. After marking the lines, cut the chart paper following the outermost line. It is one single piece. Since the measurements taken might be different from the one given here, the shape of the box will be different and hence the shapes of the side flaps have to be adjusted accordingly.

4. Once the pattern has been cut, fold along the horizontal lines and glue the extra flap abfg with lm such that the box gets its perfect rectangular shape. Fold along the flaps and check if the box closes properly.

Your box is now ready. Insert your gift and check if it fits properly. You can also use paints, sequins, beads, gift wrappers, colour papers, glass paper, ribbons or any other kind of decorative items to make it look good. This will not only increase the appeal of the box but will also add a personal touch to it.

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  1. Hi amina,i love ur creative works,gift box is superb.Happy to follow ur wonderful blog.Hav some time in my space n join ur hands with me through friends connect.


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