This is one of the simplest and tastiest desserts from my mother’s kitchen. It requires a preparation time of about 15 minutes and steaming time of about 30 minutes. It tastes best when served cold. For detailed recipe with step by step photos click here.

Serves: 4

3 eggs
3 cups of milk
8 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp sugar (for caramelizing)


Boil 3 cups of milk in a pan, then reduce the heat and cook till the milk reduces to half. Allow the milk to cool.

Then take a bowl and beat the eggs using an egg beater or a fork till frothy and air bubbles are seen. Then add sugar and continue beating. Finally add milk and mix well. All ingredients must have been mixed well and the mixture should be completely covered with bubbles.

Then take a pudding bowl and add 1 tbsp sugar, place it in the stove and heat. The sugar will start melting and changing colour. Heat till it gets a golden colour. Remove from stove and add the egg mixture to it.

Finally take a steamer, place a ring bowl (stand) inside it to increase the height and then place the pudding bowl. Close a lid over the bowl and place weight over it. Then add water to the steamer such that it fills up to half the height of the pudding bowl. Close the lid of the steamer and cook for about 20 minutes. Then open the lid, and check if the pudding is cooked. For this insert a knife, if nothing sticks to it on being removed, it is cooked. Otherwise, add some water to the steamer and steam for 10 more minutes. Once done allow it to cool, and then refrigerate it for at least 2 hours. For serving, pass a knife along the sides of the pudding, place a plate on top of the pudding bowl and turn the bowl upside down. Cut it into slices and serve.



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