This is a traditional recipe from my mother. It is very easy to make, takes just about 30 minutes and uses minimal quantity of oil. It can also be had as a starter or as a snack.


250 gms boneless chicken cut into small pieces

1 Big onion chopped

½ tsp garlic paste

½ tsp ginger paste

2 tomatoes pureed

¾ tsp red chilli powder

¾ tsp salt

100 gms roasted gram powder

5 drops of lemon

Coriander leaves


First grind the chicken pieces, onion and coriander leaves into a fine paste. (Do not add water)Then remove the paste into a bowl and add all the other ingredients for the kofta and mix well. (The mixture will not be firm but you will be able to make balls easily).Once done, set aside.

Then heat 3 cups water in a pan and when it starts boiling, take the kofta mixture, make small balls and drop it into the water. Cook till most of the water has evaporated. As it starts getting dry, add 2tbsp oil and stir fry the koftas in the same pan till they are golden brown in color. Serve hot with rice and curry.

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  1. Love those meat balls. Yumm and crisp. Thanks for dropping by and for those lovely comments.
    Happy to follow u..

  2. woww.. this method is new to me.. i alwayz saute the balls in 2tbsp of oil first and then will bake it till crisp..ingredients are almost same.. snap is really good :)

  3. Looks delicious Amina,you have a lovely blog,thanks for stopping by.

  4. Interesting recipe.. boiling in water and then sauteing it in little oil is a healthy way of preparing the meat balls.. Like the idea.. Thanks for sharing your mom's traditional recipe and joining in the chicken feast event!


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