What would be your idea for a perfect meal? A perfect meal should have the right amount of spice, sourness, tanginess and sweetness and above all should be colourful and tasty. My idea of a perfect meal has all these. And these tastes and flavours combine together when the delicious spread is adorned on the dining table.

The aroma of the Mutton biryani with its layers of fragrant rice, saffron and mutton, flavoured with ground spices, ghee, onions, ginger and garlic is enough to make the mouths water. Juicy fried chicken pieces which are crunchy on the outside and soft inside are a perfect choice for the delicious biryani. This taste comes only when the chicken has been marinated in curd and a host of spices for hours and then deep fried in oil at the right temperature. Khatta baingan, a gravy made of brinjals in a base of tomatoes and tamarind, and Onion raita balances the meal with the right amount of colours and taste.

Yes, no meal is complete without sweets. Deep brown gulab jamuns floating in warm sugary syrup and saffron flavoured basundi garnished with warq and almonds and pistachios are a wonderful combination.

The diverse and fabulous smells emanating from the meal after it is placed on the dinner table are enough to pull people towards the dining table. As you begin the meal, the taste of the mutton biryani with its wonderful flavours in combination with the sour brinjals and the spicy chicken, mixed with a little amount of raita makes every bite truly rewarding. A perfect finish to the meal is only when the cold dessert is served with the warm sweet. A spoon of the cold basundi with its taste of condensed milk and dry fruits followed by a spoon of rose flavoured jamuns dunked in sugar syrup is a true treat to the senses. Once the meal is completed you feel like you have enjoyed a feast fit for the royals.

The meal will be fully perfect only when the dishes are served in beautiful utensils. According to me borosil products would be a perfect choice as they are made of 100% borosilicate glass,and the same utensil can be used for cooking, storing, serving and reheating. They do not leak chemicals even after repeated use and can be safely used in a microwave, oven, dishwasher, fridge or freezer.

The biryani with its layers of rice, saffron and meat will look all the more delicious when served on a deep round casserole from Borosil and adorned with coriander and mint leaves. The fried Chicken pieces with slices of lemon and onions will look fabulous in the mini plate sets from borosil. Onion raita and Khatte baingan will look fantastic when served in the mini oval dish and square dish with handle respectivelyThe jamuns served in the fluted dish and the basundi in small glass katories from Borosil will make you asking for more.

Borosil surely makes the food look more tasty, dinner table more beautiful and guests simply praising you for your choice of Borosil products. 

This is my entry for the My beautiful food contest on Indiblogger.

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