Life is a never ending chain of events with new happenings every day. We meet new people, experience happiness, sadness, worry, etc. and continue with our life with a prospect of a good day tomorrow. During this whole cycle of life we encounter several different people. But there are only a few with whom we merge a bond of friendship and this bond stays with us all our life.

There is something special about friends and friendship that is very difficult to explain. With friends we can be at ease and share all our emotions. We do not have the worry of being judged as friendship is unconditional and friends do not expect anything in return.

I have had several friends right from my kinder garden to college and their memories are still fresh in my mind. The very thought of these friends leave a smile on my face. Of all these friends the one friend who holds a very special place in my heart is my friend Subashini. I first met her when I was in class eight and we instantly became friends. I think it was our common interests, likes and thinking that made us become the best of friends. We understood each other very well and till now we have never had any fights or misunderstandings. 

The one thing that I simply admire about her is that she is always full of life and can make anyone’s face happy. She has that exuberance and energy that is catalytic and can make a dull day bright. I fondly remember my school days when we studied together, shared our lunch boxes, discussed doubts over the phone and chatted during break time. 

After school, we went off to study in different colleges, got married and had kids. But this bond of friendship that we share has stood the test of time and distance has never separated us. 

When I was in school, cameras were not very popular and we would pose for group photos for school every year. Taking photos were meant only for special occasions and functions when compared to today when we take photos as and when we like with our smart phones. I hardly have a single school photo with the two of us together. So I am sharing a small collage of the latest photos of the two of us.

We have not met since several years and only have long conversations over the phone. But this has never come in the way of our friendship. I hope our bond of friendship only becomes stronger and we remain the best of friends all through our lives.

Just like we have our special friends, celebrities too have besties. ZEE TV is about to show these celebrity friendships through their brand new show called Yaaron Ki Baraat. It is a fun filled chat show hosted by Sajid Khan and Riteish Deshmukh that will show the bond of friendship between celebrities through a series of fun challenges and tasks. I am excited to watch the show as it stresses the importance of friendship and would let us into the world of celebrity friendships. So don't miss out on the fun and tune in to ZEE TV at 8:00 pm on 8th October .

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