Childhood is the most wonderful phase of life. The innocence, the heartening laughter and the simple questions that children ask light up our lives. We parents again get a chance to taste childhood by playing with our children. I try to spend as much time as possible playing with my 3 year daughter. Usually it is playing house- house with her doll or playing with her kitchen sets.

I also like to tell her moral stories, imaginative stories to increase her knowledge. The pictures and stuff printed inside the new Colgate magical creatures packs again gave me an opportunity to spend quality time with her and educate her while playing. The images are not only colorful and interesting but are also informative. The theme of the three packs is "Magical space" and it has small tidbits of information regarding planets, space suits, etc.

I took all the three boxes, opened them and cut the pieces. My daughter fixed them to the stands provided and arranged them in a row as she has the habit of arranging all her toys in a row like a train. I then started explaining her each piece with information written on it and then we started weaving a story about magical space.

“One day a UFO suddenly appeared on the sky. Everyone was astonished looking at it and some ran way with fear. The next moment it was gone. Not a trace of it was seen on the sky. The space scientists organized a meeting and decided to send a few astronauts into space to check for new planets and track and find the origin of the UFO. So they got the space suits ready. The space suits are very heavy and the astronauts were taught to live and work in space with no gravity. They would just float in space. A space vehicle was also provided to them to move on the surface of the planet.

A rocket was then launched to take the astronauts to space. They lived and worked in space stations looking out for aliens who might have sent the UFO. They took pictures and observed the space for any sign of life and new planets. After noting their findings, they returned to earth with plenty of data. This would help scientists in researching about space and understanding how vast, wide and beautiful, Allah has made this world.”

She listened with rapt attention to the story, added a few sentences in between and also asked a few questions. In total she was enamored with the space world. I also made a maze with some space characters from the pack so that she could play with it for some time. She was overjoyed on looking at it. 

But her quest for space adventure did not end and she is now pestering me to buy her a small rocket, space suit and gun so that she too could get into space!


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