We all get excited when our baby's teeth first start showing up. Babies look so cute with their one or two toothed grin and makes us simply adore them. And it is at this time that we have to start giving even more importance to cleaning their teeth and gums.

I used to use my index finger to clean up my baby's mouth till she was one year old but as teeth started showing up she started biting and would not let me clean up her mouth. My pediatrician suggested me to start using a soft tooth brush or a cloth for my baby and I was on the lookout for finding a brush apt for her.

I found this wonderful and simple Morisons teething finger brush at a baby store that made cleaning my baby's teeth and gums very simple and easy. The bristles are soft and it fit my index finger perfectly.

Using the finger brush is also very easy.

  • Sterilize it before use
  • Wear it in your index finger
  • Gently clean your baby's gums and teeth

A teething finger brush is the first step to introduce brush and oral hygiene to our kids. Do let me know as to what you do to keep your baby's mouth clean. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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