Hello friends, today I m going to share my experience of visiting Madras crocodile bank in Chennai. Located in East Coast road, Madras Crocodile bank is an interesting place to visit with your kids during weekends.

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Madras crocodile bank has different species of crocodiles, along with turtles, python, etc. Though not as big as Vandalur Zoo and other such animal parks, it is nice place to take your kids. They get to learn a lot of things looking at the nature around them. My daughter was very much fascinated by the crocodiles. She especially enjoyed the demo feeding session where the volunteer threw food to the sleeping crocodiles in the enclosure. Somehow, a few smart crocodiles got up from their sleep and were very much ready to catch the food in their mouth, much before the volunteer was ready with the food.

There is also an aquarium for the crocodile.

The bank also has fossils and eggs of crocodiles and lot of info on crocodiles, snakes, birds, etc that inhabit the crocodile bank. Another volunteer was ready to share live some more trivia about the crocodile bank and crocodiles which was also very informative. Refreshments like coffee, tea, juices, snacks, etc are also available and we can also sit at various benches and spend some family time. There are also Selfie zones painted with snakes, crocodiles, etc from where we can take funny photos.

Overall, I and my family enjoyed visiting the Madras crocodile bank.

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