Hi friends, April is going to be an exciting month for me as I am participating in the Blogchatter's A to Z challenge for the first time. Writing a new recipe everyday except Sunday would be a daunting task, but what is life without challenges! So I am excited to be a part of this challenge and for sharing one new blog post to my readers everyday all through the month of April.

And now, its time to reveal my theme for the #AtoZChallenge. As you know Ramadan/ Ramzan is just a few days away, I have selected "Ramadan Recipes" as my theme.

So I will be posting a healthy, nutritious and delicious Ramadan special recipe everyday all through April.  These Ramadan special recipes are not restricted only for Ramadan but can also tried out for lunch, dinner or evenings.

So stay tuned friends and look out for this blog for a new recipe Everyday all through the month of April.

Some recipes that you can look forward to are Bheja Masala/ Goat brain fry, Instant Falooda mix, Egg bread toast, Quail fry and many more...

Do cheer me on friends as I need your encouragement and support to dish out one new recipe everyday :)

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