“The Bestseller she wrote” is a book written by famous author Ravi Subramanian. This book is way different from most of his earlier works as this is his first book on romantic intrigue. The author comes out of his safe zone to write on a concept he had never written before and comes out with flying colours.

One look at the book and you can gauge the fact that “The Bestseller she wrote” would be about books and the publishing industry. And you are not wrong. The book dwells in the world of books, authors and of course bankers. Being a banker, banking and banks have always played an important role in most Ravi Subramanian’s works and this book is no different.

The story is basically about a bestselling author who is at the pinnacle of success and his protégé who wishes to become a bestselling author. Banker author Aditya Kapoor has everything going right for him. He has an understanding and beautiful wife Maya, son Aryan and a successful banking and writing career. His books have become instant hits making him the darling of the masses and a celebrity with everyone vying for his attention. In contrast to his public life under the arch lights and glamour, his wife prefers to lie low and focuses her life in a noble cause on making education available to underprivileged children.

Everything goes well in his life until he comes across Shreya Kaushik during a lecture at IIM Bangalore. Shreya is beautiful and intelligent and wishes to become a bestselling author. Coming from a broken family, she craves for love and attention and goes to any lengths to achieve the goals in her life. She wants Aditya’s help to make her a bestselling author.

With the entry of this new girl in his life, Aditya makes several wrong choices and breaks his family’s trust. His wife is diagnosed with Ebola virus and recovers from a near death experience. His latest book suddenly has got plagiarized content in its pages and his personal and professional life is at stake. His life is in shambles as someone wishes to spoil Aditya’s life, family and career altogether. How Aditya overcomes his demons, comes clean of the skeletons in his closet and fights his enemy form the rest of the story.

The author keeps the readers glued till the very end and it is only then that you know the answers to all your questions. The writing style, characters and situations in the book are well etched and clear and you feel like you are watching a movie. It has all the elements of a regular Hindi movie and is soon going to be made into a motion picture.

If you like reading romantic novels with twists and turns in them then this book would surely interest you. The book is priced at Rs. 295 and available across all leading bookstores but you can also get it at a much discounted price from online portals.

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