Hi friends, welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to share with you an easy DIY paper craft tutorial along with a video. I made this beautiful basket using color paper. You just need 10 minutes of your time and just color papers to make this Paper Basket.

Here I have decorated with pink foam flowers, but you can also decorate the Paper Basket with Ribbons, Lace, Sequins, Beads, etc. These pretty baskets are ideal for gifting small things like chocolates, ear rings, etc to your friends and family. These mini Paper Baskets can also be used to decorate your home as they look trendy and stylish or can be placed in your daughter's doll house as a picnic basket. The ideas of using these pretty Mini Paper Baskets are endless.

So, let's see what all we need!

Things needed

2 A4 color papers



Compass or 2 circular lids

Foam flowers for decoration


  • Take a purple color paper and draw a circle using a compass of 1.5 inches radius.
  • From the same midpoint, draw another larger circle of 3 inches radius.
  • Cut on the outer circle. You will now have a circular piece of paper.
  • Now from the outer circle, make a cut till the inner circle. At a distance of 1 cm, make a similar cut. 
  • Now cut out a thin triangular piece and continue the above steps.
  • We are cutting out the triangular pieces so that we get thin 1 cm strips which will be folded upwards.
  • Now using another color paper, cut out 2 strips of 1 cm width.
  • Insert one strip inbetween the strips that we made alternately to get a basket weave design. 
  • Glue the strip wherever necessary.
  • In the same way, insert the second strip and glue it in place.
  • Once done, fold down all the open strips on top and glue them to the basket.
  • Our basket is now ready. We now have to make the handle.
  • For this take 3 strips of 1 cm width and 20 cm length and glue them one on top of the other to get a thick handle.
  • Glue the handle to the basket and stick foam flowers on top.
  • Out Mini Paper Basket is now ready.

You can also check out the video below for a better understanding on how to make this beautiful Minin Paper Basket. If you like the video, please Like, Share and Subscribe to my channel.

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