Hi all, hope you all are doing great. This is the first day of my A to Z challenge, so starting on a healthy note. I am going to share the recipe of making Amla or Gooseberry juice here. This is a quick and nutritious drink which is very good for our health.

Having 1 or 2 gooseberries a day is found to improve eye sight, brighten skin, purify blood and has a number of other health benefits. Gooseberries or Amla can also be had in a juice form. You can have the Amla juice sweet by adding honey into it or add salt to the juice, if you do not like the sweet taste. I will be sharing both the versions in the recipe below. Do try them out.


10 Gooseberries/ Amla
Water as needed
Pinch of Salt or to taste (for a salty version)
2 tsp honey in a glass of Amla juice (for those who want a sweet taste)


  • Wash the gooseberries well with water and cut it into small pieces. 
  • Make sure to discard the seed in the middle.
  • Then take a mixer jar, add the Amla pieces along with some water and grind to a smooth paste.
  • You can also grind them in 2 batches if you are using a small mixer jar.
  • Then transfer the crushed puree to a strainer, add some more water and strain the juice.
  • Once you have strained the Amla juice, discard the residue and transfer the juice to a glass jar.
  • If you wish to refrigerate, transfer the juice to an Air tight bottle and place it in the refrigerator.
  • When serving, take the amla juice in a glass, add water if necessary and add salt to taste or 2 tsp honey.
  • Serve.

Thanks for visiting my blog. The recipe of Beetroot, Potato and peas pulao is coming up tomorrow, so don't forget to check out my blog tomorrow for the recipe.

I am writing this post as a part of Blogchatter's A to Z challenge.


  1. Amla is indeed a vitamin powerpacked fruit . I will definitely try this out one day

  2. I will try out this recipe for sure . I know Amla is a powerhouse of vitamins

  3. thanks for sharing this recipe of Amla Juice. It is so needed for the scorching summers. My mom makes it too, she adds ginger to this recipe when she makes it during winter. Cant wait to read tomorrow's post.

    Please do visit my blog too.


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