Tomato rice is a delicious and flavourful rice that you can easily prepare and pack for lunch. It needs very few ingredients and gets done in just about 15 minutes. I pressure cook the rice and while the rice is cooking, I prepare the tomato gravy to be mixed with the rice. You can have tomato rice as it is or can serve with any poriyal or side dish of your choice. Tomato rice also tastes great with mango or garlic pickle.


I often make breakfast muffins often at home as they are easy to make, look colourful and are also healthy. Sharing this super easy recipe here. Do try them out and I am sure you will like it.


Cookies are a great tea time snacks. I have shared several recipes of cookies and biscuits in my blog like mini butter cookies, whole wheat cookies,chocolate cookies, chocolate chip biscuits, nan khatai and chocolate chip cookies. And in today's post, I will be sharing a healthy and delicious recipe of cookie made with finger millet flour/ ragi. These ragi cookies are crunchy, healthy and delicious.

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