Modern technology and inventions have changed our life for the better. New devices and amenities are introduced year after year making our life more comfortable. Everything has become quick, easy and smart. Our homes have transformed from being normal to modern, stylish and compact. Even bathrooms which were once ignored have now got prominence. Bathtubs, large mirrors, marble tiles, hand showers and air fresheners have redefined the way we use our bathrooms. 

But for quite a large number of people living particularly in rural India nothing has changed for the better. All the modern amenities are a distant dream for them as even their basic necessities are not met. We build our homes with interior decorated bath attached rooms but for them the basic necessity of toilet is neither available at home nor in the village they live in. Every day they have to go out in the open to defecate themselves. It is difficult to imagine how kids, men, women and elderly walk long distances every time day and night putting themselves to the risk of diseases and accidents. How shameful it would be for them especially women who have to defecate in the open setting aside their dignity. Young kids are more prone to infections and many fall ill due to lack of basic sanitation. These poor people have no choice as no public toilets are available in their village.

It is shocking that in a civilized country like India even basic sanitation facilities have not reached our villages. What more this puts people to the risk of infections and diseases which occur due to unhygienic living conditions and lack of cleanliness. It is therefore necessary that adequate steps are taken by the government and people at large to curb this problem. Even though mobile toilets have been constructed in few areas it is very little and there are plenty of villages in India where open defecation is common.

Domex India’s leading sanitation brand has started domex toilet academy (DTA) programme which aims to make villages open defecation free. The programme which was launched in Nov 2013 has plans to build 24,000 toilets by 2015 in rural areas where open defecation is common. Through this programme they are trying to make toilets affordable and accessible to all by providing long term sanitation benefits. Their efforts have already ;brought a change in several villages of Maharashtra and Orissa. You too can show your support by taking part in the ‘you click, domex contributes’ campaign. Just visit domex’s home page and click on the contribute tab. For every click domex contributes Rs.5 to the programme.  DTA’s initiatives are indeed laudable and would go a long way in making toilets accessible to all and lighting up their lives with a new hope for a better life.Toilet for babli by Domex is the excellent scheme which will facilitate young girls as well.

No doubt domex programme is a big support to the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s Swach Bharat scheme which aims to eliminate open defecation within five years. 

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