Water is the driving force of all nature. It is the elixir of life. We can’t imagine a life without water. From drinking to cooking, cleaning to washing, agriculture, industry, shops, houses, every single sphere of life needs water. Hence it is the quintessential necessity for all living beings.

But our ground water levels have gone down drastically, our water reservoirs have less water than required and we face acute water scarcity especially during summers. If this continues we could face severe water problems in future which could affect our existence on earth. In such a scenario, can we waste even a single drop of water?

We need to take steps to conserve and save water for the future. Children too have to be educated about the importance of water and how it can be saved. Small steps taken every single day by all of us can help in a long way in conserving water. Some steps are discussed here.

Use water Wisely:

We must learn to use water wisely depending on our requirement. For example, most of us have the habit of taking long showers or bathing with 2 or 3 buckets of water. Shifting to shorter showers and using a single bucket of water can save several litres of water from getting wasted.

Fill your tanks a little less than the brim:

In most homes where there tanks with no automatic arrangement, people wait till the water fills the tank and runs over to switch the motor "Off". This results in plenty of water going down the drain. Instead if we run the motor for a stipulated time such that the tank is 3/4th full, we can save water.

Do not leave your taps open

People also have the habit of keeping the taps open while brushing their teeth, washing their hands or face and also washing utensils. This leads to wastage of water. You can shift to an automatic tap, or use a jug or keep the taps closed and open only when you need water.

Reuse left over clean water

Use leftover drinking water from bottles and glasses to water plants in your garden. You can also use this water for mopping your homes by adding a little disinfectant.

Shift to #CuttingPaani

Drink water depending on your thirst. If you are thirsty drink a glass of water, and if you are not very thirsty opt for #CuttingPaani i.e. half glass of water. The water saved can be used for another person. This will help in saving drinking water at homes especially when you have guests, in offices, restaurants and other public places where a glass full of water is usually served.

#CuttingPaani is an innovative initiative from Livpure which helps us become more mindful of the way we consume water. The following TV commercial signifies the importance of #CuttingPaani. You can also join "Save water by adopting #CuttingPaani" campaign started by Livpure by signing this petition

Small steps like these shared above can help in saving water. We all have to join hands and work together in conserving water for the future.

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