This is a simple wall hanging made using cardboard and thermocol. It is 7” long and 5” broad. If you wish to make it bigger adjust the proportions of the various components in it accordingly. To make this type of wall hanging you need the following.

Acrylic or poster colour paints
Chart paper
Emery or sand paper
Cello tape
Paint brushes
Thick thread


Using scissors cut the cardboard into a rectangle of 7” length and 5” breadth.

Then take the chart paper and cut a rectangle of 6” length and 4” breadth.

Paint the cut cardboard piece brown and the cut chart piece blue. You can also paint them in any colour of your choice. I have used acrylic colours here because it gives a shiny and finished look. You can also use water colours.

Once the colour in the two pieces has dried, place the chart piece over the cardboard piece and stick it using cello tape on all sides. You can also cover the cardboard entirely with cello tape to get a glossy effect. But care has to be taken so that there are no gaps or untidy overlappings. Alternatively you can use fevicol to stick the chart paper over the cardboard.

Then take a big piece of thermocol (the thickness can be about ¾”) and draw a large oval shape on it. Cut the piece using scissors and use Emery paper to shape the oval in the shape of the fish body. Similarly cut pieces for the fins, tail and eye and shape them accordingly. Glue the pieces together and allow it to dry. Then paint the fish with any colour of your choice. Once the paint has dried, stick it on top of the chart paper.

Now take the extra chart paper and cut the paper in shapes of leaves or weeds as shown and using scissors gently draw a curve at the centre of the cut pieces. Fold along the curve gently. This is done to get a 3D effect. Paint green colour over it. Once the paint has dried, stick it to the chart paper next to the fish.

Finally take a thread of about 3” long and glue or stick it to the back of the wall hanging about 2” from the top. Alternatively, you can also use a hook. The wall hanging is now ready.


  1. Hi Ameena, First time to your blog.I have n't gone through any of your recipes yet when your craft area caught my eye and I thought to check because I am myself is an artistic person I love to beautify things. Loved that you have the same skill.

  2. Thanks a lot for your comment..

  3. Am fascinated by your creativity.... started following ;))


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