A small piece of thermocol can be made into a piece of art. Using our creativity we can shape the thermocol into any desired shape using emery or sand paper and then paint it in vibrant colours. These are pictures of crafts i made using thermocol. In some of them i have made separate parts and later glued them using fevicol.

Things used to make these thermocol crafts
  • A large piece of thermocol
  • Fevicol
  • Acrylic or water colours
  • Paint brushes and water
  • Emery or sand paper
  • OHP sheet (thick plastic sheet which can be used along with cellotape for making the case for the Taj Mahal craft)
  • Plain sheet of paper (Roll a sheet of paper and stick the end with gum to make the stand for the parrot and also the thin pillars of the Taj Mahal).


  1. Wow, cool blog! Even I love embroidery and stitching along with cooking :) Happy to follow you!
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  2. Loved your blog!!!Great job
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  3. Your Taj Mahal is fantastic!
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  5. i was actually searching for another name of thermocol but saw your picture in google images and came here. quite interesting stuff you make.

  6. This is a innovative art. Thanks for sharing.


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