Finger millets or ragi are rich sources of fiber and help in reducing cholesterol level and cooling the body. They are also recommended for people suffering from diabetes. I had already done a post on this but this is a more detailed version with relevant pictures.

3 cups finger millet flour
3 cups water
1 tsp salt

Boil water in a pan along with salt. When water starts boiling, reduce the heat and add the flour. Mix well. When water has evaporated, switch off the gas and let the dough cool. When it is slightly warm sprinkle some water and knead the dough. Then make small balls, flatten it and set aside. Now take a plastic board and use this to roll the dough. (We are using this because the ragi dough is quite sticky and usually sticks to the bottom and to the rolling pin). Grease the surface, your hand and rolling pin with oil. Apply a drop of oil on either sides of the dough ball and roll it into a round shape of about 1/8” thickness. Then take a circular lid and place over it such that it cuts the roti into a round shape. Put the extra bits back to the dough. Transfer the roti to a pan and cook on one side. Turnover, add 1 tsp of oil, and cook for some time and again turn to the other side. Cook till the roti slightly puffs up or gets dark brown spots on both sides. In this way cook all the other rotis.

This recipe makes about 12 rotis. It tastes best with groundnut chutney.


1. Do not roll the dough very thin as the roti will break when you transfer or turn.
2. Always cover the dough with a lid or cloth. If it becomes dry it will be difficult to roll it into a roti.
3. In case the dough becomes dry, just dab your hand with water and knead again.


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