Anarkali suits have been in fashion from several decades. They became a rage when they were worn by actresses in old Hindi movies and continue to be one of the most sought after Indian dresses due to their royal charm and elegance.

The basic anarkali top has a high waist body and the lower part has a large volume of cloth pleated and stitched to the upper part. Usually a band is stitched at the joint. It is worn long with Churidhar pants. Of late several new designs of anarkali suits are available in the market. Some of the common ones are given below.

1. Anarkali with multiple kallis

Instead of cloth being pleated and stitched for the lower part as in normal anarkali, this method involves cutting the cloth into small kallis and stitching them together. The USP here is that there are no pleats and hence there is no volume at the waist. Another benefit of this pattern is that you can have kallis of 2 or 3 colours.

2. One piece anarkali

Here a single piece of cloth is used for both upper and lower parts. The upper part is pleated at regular intervals and stitched on the top in long vertical lines. As a result directly creating pleats at the lower part. This usually does not have a band at the waist.

In this type of anarkali suit 3, 4 or 5 layers are pleated and stitched one below the other. The layers can be of the same colour or 2 or 3 different but related colours.

4. Anarkali with umbrella cut skirt

Here the cloth is cut in umbrella style (half or full depending on the cloth used) and stitched to the upper part with or without a band. Due to the style of the cut there are no pleats, not many joints and hence has a nice appearance.

The tutorial on how to stitch Anarkali suits can be found here.


  1. I love anarkali suits very much.Nice pic

  2. hi amina, i must say you are a fashion designer and will be one of the best...have a great weekend

  3. Nice one. sometimes I love to do these things are home. I like the single piece anarkali one. I liked it. waiting to see more on this.

  4. Hi Ameena , this is such a nice and informative post :) ! I am enjoying your blog .



  5. hi Ameenaji, aap mere inspiration ho sewing ke liye,
    kameez ki cuttting se pehle mai hamesha paper draft banati hoo, mai ye dress try karne wali hoo apne sister ke liye eid par,
    actully mujhe samajh nahi aa rha hai ki jo 5 tiere ka anarkali dress hai usme har tier ke 2 pieces cutting karni hai front aur back ke liye ???
    yaa gathering [chun ] dalkar lambi pattiya attach karni hai
    1st tier waist round + 1 1/2 hoga
    2nd pehle tier ka double
    3rd dusre tier ka double... aise hi 4th aur 5th bhi jisse bottom me volume aur flaire badhega ,. kya mai sahi kar rahi hoo..????
    pls reply kare!

    1. Shukriya Aarzooji for your comment…Regarding the question you asked, I would not be able to explain in detail here… Hence I have posted a tutorial regarding this today…

      Here is the link…

      How to stitch anarkali suit with layers

      I hope this will help you in stitching the dress for your sister.

  6. can you post the method on stitching the one piece anarkali please? my mom doesn't know how to get the figure hugging shape at the top.

    1. one piece anarkali requires lot of patience and precision... will post a tutorial on this soon... stay tuned :)


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