Babies brighten up our lives with their innocence, smile and love. They give new dimension and meaning to our lives and make us forget all our worries. Such is the effect that a child brings to our lives. 

But bringing up your baby is also great responsibility. It is therefore very essential that we give importance to every aspect of their growth right from good health to hygiene. Babies need proper nutrition during their growing up years and it is necessary that we give importance to what they eat and take steps to ensure that they get a balanced diet. Good hygiene is also very essential as babies can catch infections easily. Regular baths and keeping them fresh and clean prevents germs from growing thereby keeping them healthy. 

And for babies to stay active all day, a good night’s sleep is very important. Only when they have slept well they get up smiling and are at their cheerful best all day. A full tummy and a diaper ensure that your baby sleeps well at night and gets up with a smiling face. Diapers have indeed made a mother's work a lot easy. They ensure that the baby’s sleep is not disturbed and the mother too gets a good sleep as she does not have to get up again and again to change the nappies.

Spending time with them, playing with them and talking with them also goes in a long way in educating them as our words and instructions get recorded in their brain which is very essential for their mental growth.We too have to become kids when we play with our babies to keep them in good spirits. My one year old daughter is the apple of our eyes. She is in demand wherever we go and can easily bring smile on anyone’s face with her two toothed grin.  I play with her and make funny faces to make her smile. I make her bathing time entertaining and hence she loves to have a bath playing with water. And whenever we present her with new toys or when she discovers a colourful object, a large grin appears on her face. Small things from our side go in a long way in keeping our babies happy and playful all day.

Babies indeed are little gems who have to be well taken care of, cherished and polished so that they grow up and become diamonds lighting up not only our lives but also of others.

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