Life is full of emotions and experiences. With each passing day, we learn new things, meet new people, and hear stories that transform the way we live our life. Today I would like to share an experience here that stirred me and filled me with happiness, optimism and hope.

It was a Sunday morning and I was helping my mom after finishing a college project, when my house help Shanthi came to my mom and asked a question. The question was just an ordinary, straight forward and simple one but I had never imagined it coming from her. 

 “How much would it cost to become a doctor?” was what she asked. My mom replied that if a person excelled in their exams and got a government medical seat then it might cost around Rs.20,000 a year. Shanthi said that her daughter was studying in the Eleventh standard at a government school and was always topping her class with full marks. She wished to become a doctor and Shanthi wanted to give wings to her dreams. She planned to open an account in a bank to save some amount every month from her income so that it would help her fund her daughter’s education in future. 

As she was discussing her dreams, I could see a glow in her face and shine in her eyes. She was hopeful of a better future for her daughter and was ready to take pains to fulfill her dreams. A bank account was just a beginning and she had envisioned many others. With her zero education and little experience in worldly affairs she wished to break out of the norm and march forward.

This small conversation filled me with joy and set me thinking. Is it not that the world runs on Hope? We always go to sleep with the hope that the next day will be better. We work hard with the hope that we will succeed. We hope for better health, better job, better home, better life and better future.

A couple of years later, Shanthi brought the good news with a box of sweets. She was jubilant and there was twinkle in her eyes. She said that her daughter had got a medical seat in a government college and few NGOs had come forward to sponsor her education. It was her daughter’s hard work, determination, perseverance and her mother's optimism that had made this happen. My mom too was very happy. She was the one who listened to Shanthi’s dreams, gave her ideas and always supported her. It was indeed a great moment of joy.

The story of Shanthi and her daughter is a bright example for us. It is optimism with hard work which gives rich dividends and modifies our lives for the better.

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