Magyar sleeves are sleeves which are not joined separately to the arm hole but are cut along with the main part of the dress (bodice) as one single piece. It has a deep arm hole and extends from the shoulder. 

The construction and method of stitching a Magyar sleeve is given below


0 to 2 – 1/6 chest + 3" (This is 1" more as Magyar sleeves have a deeper arm hole)
2 to 3 – 1/4 chest + 1 and 1/2"
0 to 4 – half shoulder
4 to 5 - sleeve length (3" or 4")
5 to b - half round arm

Join 5 b and 3 through a curve as shown


Fold the cloth as shown and mark the measurements on the cloth.

Cut the cloth leaving 1" allowance along the sleeves and sides and 1/2" along the neck. 
Whether you are making a kameez, top, or blouse, the method of stitching a Magyar sleeve is mostly the same.
Here I have kept the sleeve length short, but you can modify it according to your preference.

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