Health is the most important aspect of life. Being healthy and fit is itself a blessing which helps us to live our life to the fullest. Money and other luxuries of the world can buy us happiness only for some time but for experiencing eternal happiness, health is very important. As all the money in the world cannot buy back health and life.

Nowadays thanks to social media, people have become more aware of the importance of Health and slowly started giving more attention to it. Being healthy and fit does not mean cutting out on things we love to eat, reducing our sleep and making other sacrifices. We can be healthy just by making small changes to our lifestyle and diet.

I am sharing here some of my tips for good health and my way of Being Healthy. 

H- Being Happy
E- Eating right
A- Adhering to your diet and routine
L- Laughing
T- Time for exercise
H- Helping others
Y- Loving Yourselves

Being Happy –

I always try to be happy. Being happy and contended with life is very helpful in relaxing our body and keeping down stress levels. Problems, sadness and troubles are quite normal in day to day life but being happy and composed in all circumstances is vital for our heart and health.

Eating right –

I eat 5 to 6 small portions of healthy and nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, etc with minimum oil, low sugar and mediocre salt. Eating nutrition rich foods, help in strengthening our immune system which in turn helps in fighting diseases. Indian foods are healthy, only thing that we need to change is reduce salt, sugar and oil. Idlis sambar, chapathi, salads, tandoori chicken, paneer, etc are all healthy food that also taste good. We just need to make the right choices while selecting food that are both healthy and tasty. Also reducing intake of fast foods and other unhealthy foods like maida, high calorie sweets, cakes and drinks, etc to a minimum (even though completely leaving them out is the best) help a long way in ensuring good health.

Adhering to your diet and routine –

Nothing comes easy, and definitely not health. Many of my friends, who said that they will follow a healthy diet, soon forget it and binge on burgers, pizzas and colas the very next day. Health cannot be achieved in a day, we need to be sincere in our efforts and adhere to our diet and eating schedule day after day, month after month and year after year.

Laughing –

Don’t miss any chance of Laughing and always keep yourselves surrounded with jovial and smiling people. Studies too have confirmed that laughing helps to protect the body from diseases and helps vital organs to repair themselves. A good laugh is like a mild workout, as it gets the blood flowing, exercises the muscles, improves sleep patterns and boosts the immune system.

Time for exercise –

Always allot a particular time in the day for exercise. Exercise can be anything you like or are comfortable doing. Doing strength training, push ups, and other workouts, cycling, skipping, walking, dancing are all good forms of exercises which help in controlling weight, increase energy levels, promotes better sleep and also increases good cholesterol which decreases the risk of cardio vascular diseases. I like going for walks with my 3 year old daughter in the evening chatting with her. This way I burn out extra calories, get fresh air (which is also good for health) and also spend quality time with my daughter.

Helping others –

I feel helping others even in a very small way also is very good for our health. Smiling, complimenting, helping someone in need is not only good for others but also for us. Reports too have confirmed that people who help others reported greater self esteem and were more healthy than others.

Loving Yourselves –

We are so much surrounded by our responsibilities, daily activities and routine that we forget to give importance to ourselves. Take part in activities you like, set aside a "me-time", buy things you like, read books, spend time with people you love - in total doing what we enjoy doing boosts our mood and increases our overall well being.

This was my way of being healthy. Do share yours in the comments. As you see, following these small things will help in a long way in ensuring good health. 

The new trailer of Saffola too signifies the fact on how taking small steps go a long way in making us healthy. Do check out the trailer. The song and theme is so good that you feel like smiling and dancing. My little one starts dancing every time the trailer comes on TV.


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