Chutneys are a main accompaniment in most of our breakfast meals and chaats. From Tomato chutney and Sambar with Idlis to groundnut chutney with Rice flour roti/ pashte to mint chutney with your favourite chaat, Breakfast and Chaats are incomplete without chutneys. 

Chutneys add that dash of spiciness, tanginess and flavour to the meal taking the taste to an all new level. I have posted several chutney recipes in this blog and this post is a collection of all of them in one place. 

Groundnut chutney

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  1. lovely collection of chutneys,yumm with idlis n dosas!

  2. Looks colourful and interesting :)

  3. This is a saviour post. My kids don't like idli at all.hopefully these chutneys will make them open for idli

    1. Thank you. I am sure they will start eating idlis after they taste these chutneys :)

  4. lots of chutney recipes mouth watering


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