Hi friends, welcome to my blog. Today I am going to share the recipe of Fried French toast along with a video. This recipe is my mother's recipe and I have grown up eating this delicacy since childhood. My mom would make these delicious Fried french toasts as a snack during weekends and also when we were going for a picnic or travelling as these Fried toasts can be made ahead and stored in an air tight container.

The beauty of this recipe is that you can use the same recipe to make classic french toast and toast it on a pan with a drizzle of oil and serve it hot. You can use the remaining batter and bread slices and deep fry it to make Fried french toast which you can serve hot or munch on it later.

The classic french toast recipe uses cinnamon powder and vanilla essence. You can add them if you have, but personally I and my family like eating Fried french toast using my mother's recipe which has very few ingredients that are available in all our kitchens and is very easy to assemble. 

Here I have used sweet bread for the recipe and the bread has to be slightly firm and not very soft as it might get soggy when we dip it in the egg-milk-sugar batter. Also we like a slightly crispy Fried toast, so I have fried the bread slices till they have turned golden brown. If you like a softer version, you can fry  till they turn golden in color and take it off the oil immediately into an absorbent paper.

Fried french toast is a great snack you can serve on birthday parties, festivals and other special occasions. You can also check out more Bread recipes in the Best Bread recipes page and for more sweet recipes, you can check out the Eid special sweet recipepage. I have also added a video below on how to make this delicious French toast recipe at home. If you like the recipe, do Subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon so that you do not miss any of my videos.

Now, lets head on to the recipe of making Fried French toast/ Fried bread and egg toast

Makes: 28 Bread Toasts

14 Bread slices
3 large eggs
3/4 cup milk
8 tbsp sugar (or to taste)
1/4 tsp cinnamon powder (optional)
Oil for frying


  • Take the bread slices and remove the brown edges. Cut each slice into 2 and set aside. 
  • Take eggs in a bowl, whisk well and add sugar. 
  • Whisk well till the sugar dissolves and bubbles are seen. 
  • Then add milk and continue mixing till all the ingredients are mixed well. 
  • Now heat oil in a frying pan, and when oil is hot, dip the bread slices in the mixture one by one and deep fry the slices in medium flame.
  • Flip over and cook on both the sides till they turn golden brown in color. 
  • Transfer the fried bread slices on a tissue paper to absorb excess oil.
  • You can either have it hot or allow it to cool down completely and transfer the Fried french toasts to an air tight container. 
  • Delicious Fried french toasts are ready to be served.

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