Have you felt those sudden hunger pangs in the evening and checked out your kitchen to find nothing. Have you then felt lazy or tired to cook something. Then you are in the right place. In this post, I am sharing some really delicious recipes of snacks, cakes and sweets that can be prepared in advance, stored in air tight containers and munched all week. These recipes need no refrigeration as they stay fresh and good all week. They are also ideal foods that you can carry while travelling.


Namak pare is a quick, delicious and easy to make snack that can be served with tea or coffee. We can also make this in advance and store in airtight containers. If you are making for a party or special occasion, you can increase the proportion of ingredients to make more.


Ribbon pakoda is a crispy snack made by making a dough with Bengal gram flour and rice flour and then deep frying it in oil using a press with rectangular shape. This is an ideal evening snack that goes well with tea. You can also make this ahead and store in air tight containers. 


Sev is a thin and crispy snack that is made by making a dough with Bengal gram flour and then deep frying it in oil using a sev press. This is a quick and easy to make snack which can served as an evening snack or can be made ahead and stored in air tight containers. It is especially favourite among kids and can also be used for garnishing chaats like Raj KachoriChana poori chaat, etc.


Ande ka naan (bread dipped in egg mixture and deep fried in oil) is one of my mother's most sought after sweet delicacies. This is very easy to make, does not consume much time and requires very few ingredients. For people with a sweet tooth this is a perfect snack which can be had any time and on the go. Even people who do not like bread simply relish this sweet. This recipe makes about 28 naans. 

Gulgule is a delicious and easy to make traditional sweet that we often prepare at home. The recipe I am sharing today is my mother-in-law's who is an expert in making it. You can also make gulgules in large quantities at home and store them in air tight containers. They are an ideal snack for picnics and family get togethers.


Sooji/ Rava/ Semolina is a versatile ingredient that can be used to make a number of dishes. Soft semolina barfi  is an ideal sweet for this festive occasion as it is delicious, easy to make and colourful.


Perfect for any festive occasion, simple, delicious and instant Milk peda. This is made with  milk powder and condensed milk.


Ragi laddoos are healthy and delicious sweets that you can make during the festive season. They are really easy to prepare and need very few ingredients. These ragi laddoos can be cooked in just about 20 minutes and taste delicious.


This is the most simple and easy to cook barfi recipe. The whole process gets over in just about 20 minutes.



Semolina or Rava ladoo is a very simple and easy to prepare sweet that gets done in less than 20 minutes. It is prepared by mixing roasted sooji with sugar, nuts and ghee and shaping the mix to form balls. The ladoos can be prepared and stored in an air tight container for later use.


Gulab jamun is commonly made using khoya, flour and sugar and flavoured with rose water or cardamom powder. We can also prepare gulab jamuns using gulab jamun mixes as they are easily available and save time and effort. The gulab jamuns are ready in less than an hour and taste delicious.

This eggless cake is made with curd and is as delicious, soft and spongy as a normal egg cake. You can make this cake in advance, store in airtight containers and eat when hungry.

Mysore pak is one of the most popular sweets in India. Originally from Mysore in Karnataka, this delicacy is made using besan, ghee (clarified butter) and sugar and is available in almost all parts of the country. This authentic soft melt in the mouth ghee Mysore pak can be easily prepared at home in less than 10 minutes.

Brownies are small squares made of chocolate and usually served with vanilla ice cream or with milk or coffee. Depending on the density, there are two types of brownies, cakey and fudgy. The recipe given here is of the cakey brownie which has the perfect blend of chocolate and sugar. I have kept it plain, but you can also add walnuts, dried fruits or chocolate chips, and top it with powdered sugar or cream frosting.

Butter cookies are one of the most simplest and easiest cookies to bake. Cookies are basically small baked treats which are usually sweet. They are often made using flour, butter, sugar and eggs. But this is an eggless version and i am sure you will not miss it as they are so tasty. Just knead together these few ingredients, pinch small balls, flatten and place it in the tray and then into the oven and voila, sweet smelling and delicious cookies are done. This recipe makes approximately 14 mini cookies. You can also make normal sized cookies and increase the proportions to make more cookies.

This is a basic recipe of sponge cake made with oil. It is soft, delicious and a perfect snack to munch on when hungry.

This is a quick and easy recipe of cookie which you can assemble and bake in less than 40 minutes. The recipe needs very few ingredients and the cookies taste delicious.

This is a very simple and easy recipe of basic vanilla cup cake. You can customize it according to your choice by adding chocolate chips, or tutti fruity or jam or even chopped dried fruits and nuts.

Paenia is a traditional sweet made using maida dough that is layered as a paratha, deep fried in oil and then soaked in sugar syrup. It tastes delicious and is best served hot as an evening snack. This is my mother in law’s recipe who is an expert in making this sweet.

Chocolate marble cake is a soft and spongy cake made using a combination of chocolate and vanilla batters. The cake batters are alternately added to the cake pan and random patterns are drawn to get a marble effect. This is one cake which basically does not need a frosting as it looks good as it is and tastes delicious. 

An evenly risen, perfectly cooked, soft, spongy, and sweet smelling cake is every cake maker’s ultimate desire. Given here is the recipe of a cake in which you can never go wrong. It tastes delicious, and is a perfect accompaniment with tea. It is also a great option for family get-togethers and parties. 

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