Skirts are one of the most essential garments in a girl’s wardrobe. From traditional ghagras to the regular floral skirts, the appeal of skirts is indisputable. Teamed with a matching top and a stylish scarf or dupatta they look fabulous. They are also very comfortable to wear and trendy. Depending on the volume of the skirt and its design, skirts are of different types.

1. Flare skirts or umbrella skirts

Flare skirts have a large volume and are cut in a way that they resemble an umbrella. (i.e. if the wearer spins, the skirt takes the form of a full circle ala umbrella).

There are 3 types of flare skirts

a. Full flare skirt

It has a perfect umbrella shape and is often stitched with thin and soft materials.

b. Half flare skirt –

As the name suggests it has half the volume of a full flare skirt. This is commonly used for day to day wear.

c. Wrap around skirt –

It is similar to the half flare skirt but is not stitched on one side. It is wrapped around the waist and tied with a band.

2. Normal skirts – These skirts are usually made with thick and translucent materials. They sometimes have slits at the sides or back to facilitate easy walking. There are 3 types of normal skirts.

a. A line skirt -

This type of skirt looks like the alphabet A and hence the name. This is very comfortable and is often used for casual wear.

b. Straight skirt –

This type of skirt has a straight cut. It can be worn long with one side slit or till just below the knee with back slit.

c. Narrow skirt –

Narrow skirt narrows down as it reaches the end. This usually has a back slit and is worn till just below the knee.

3. Pleated skirts –

This is a very basic type of skirt in which cloth is pleated at the waist and stitched.


Apart from the basic ones, there are also other types of skirts.

4. Fish cut skirt –

This type of skirt is similar to normal skirts but the lower portion of the skirt looks like a fish or mermaid tail. Nowadays fish cut ghagras and lachas are also in fashion. Evening gowns are also stitched in this pattern.

 5. Divided skirt –

This type of skirt is usually worn short with broad square pleats at the waist and is divided like a pant. This type of skirt is often used in sports wear or uniforms.


6. Layered skirt – This skirt has several layers stitched one below the other with increasing flare. It may be single coloured or multi coloured.


7. Skirt with panels –

This skirt has several panels or kallis stitched together. It can also be multi coloured.


 These are some of the basic types of skirts. I will be updated this page with more varieties soon.



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