Dress materials usually have salwar cloth of about 2 ½ metres length and hence only a basic salwar can be stitched with the cloth. Since Patiyalas require more than 3 metres of cloth a patiyala cannot be stitched. In this case a semi patiyala which has construction similar to a salwar but resembles a patiyala can be stitched.

The construction for stitching a semi patiyala is similar to that of a salwar, the only modifications being the position of pleats (or gathers) and the 2 to 3 measurement.

To stitch a semi patiyala, first note down the body measurements and cut out the leg pieces, ankle bands, draw string and waist band. Make sure that the 2 to 3 measurement is taken as full cloth width. Check out how to stitch a salwar for the construction and method of cutting the pieces.

After the pieces are cut and ready, stitch the ankle bands to the foot part of the leg pieces and then stitch the two legs together, Finish the waist band and draw string by following the instructions given in the previous post and keep ready.

While joining the leg pieces to the waist band, the extra cloth along the leg pieces have to be pleated at the sides and not in front. Mark c and c1 as shown in the image. Take 8 to 10 pleats between c and c1 and similar number of pleats on the other side. The distance between c and c1 can be taken as 10”. Pleats are not required for the front and back. 

After stitching the waist band to the leg pieces, over lock the edges in the reverse to prevent threads from coming out.

Insert the draw string through the opening and your semi patiyala is now ready.

For more tutorials visit the dress designs page.


  1. Hi,

    What is the 2 to 3 measurement?

    1. Do check out How to stitch a salwar for a clear understanding of this...

  2. u r reallyy so sweeet sis


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