India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. It has achieved excellence in several sectors like nuclear power, industry, manufacturing, medicine, etc. Everyday new discoveries are being made and new projects undertaken, bringing India more close to its dream of becoming a super power. But there are a few areas which need immediate attention. 

Air pollution and Connectivity are one of the few issues which need to be handled at the earliest. Delhi, the national capital has its share of pollution and connectivity issues.

Air pollution has been increasing in Delhi at alarming rates and it has become difficult to tackle it. Air Pollution is a long standing problem which affects almost all countries in the world. It is caused by toxic smoke emanating from vehicles, factories and industries, etc and has detrimental effect on our health.

According to WHO survey, the air quality in Delhi is the worst of any major city in the world. The high levels of chemicals, gases and other substances in the air has made the air impure as a result of which residents are susceptible to catching infections and diseases. The high levels of smog in Delhi, has also affected flight and vehicle movements due to decreased visibility.

It is really sad to see our national capital which is so good in other areas like manufacturing, retail, industry, etc, falling short in this department. The Supreme court banned the sale of crackers in Delhi  this year to bring down the level of smoke accumulated during Diwali as a result of which Delhi experienced the cleanest Diwali in 3 years.

Another issue which need to be addressed is Connectivity. The world has become global and almost all of us have a phone in our pocket, but we still have Connectivity issues as there is no signal in some areas and line gets disconnected all of a sudden. Internet access too looks out of budget for the average middle class. High speed Internet connectivity, affordable calling and easy Internet access are very important these days as everything has become digitalized and steps have to be taken to make normal people get easy access to it.

However the good news is that several efforts have been taken both by private and public sectors to make Delhi better. Vodafone has been in the forefront with its Super initiatives to make Delhi and NCR Digital and improving its air quality.

Super Initiatives taken by Vodafone to give a better life to the people of Delhi and NCR

  • Vodafone has helped several start-ups by giving Vodafone products, which would help them in business during their incubation stage, free of cost.
  • Vodafone has started connecting Delhi and NCR digitally by setting up wifi zones. It has set up more than 120 such hot spots across Delhi & NCR. This indeed is a great boon to people as it makes Internet access easy and free.

  • The first Air-Purifying bus shelter in the city was set up by Vodafone so that people could breathe non-polluted air while waiting for a bus. Vodafone has also created the first Wi-Fi bus shelter in Gurgaon. The Free wi-fi can be used for 20 minutes irrespective of whether they are Vodafone customers or not.

  • Another great initiative of Vodafone this year was the Super Crackers which were available during Diwali at all the 52 Vodafone stores between 16 to 19 October. These were actually eco-friendly plant seeds. All one had to do was to plant them and wait for the plant to bloom. This was a part of their initiative to make Delhi clean and ensure a green Diwali this year.

No doubt Vodafone has emerged as the choice of nearly half the population of Delhi. It has won the hearts of people with its various initiatives to make Delhi green and digitally connected. I am proud to be a Vodafone customer and I am sure Vodafone would spread its wings across the whole of India making every city and every village in India green and digitally connected.

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