The world is like a collage. It is an amalgamation of different regions, cultures, religions, food, countries and civilizations. Every region, every part and every corner of the world is different and unique in its own way.  And it is this diversity that makes the world so interesting. And people of the world though coming from different walks of life and regions are bonded by a wonderful blend of humanity and togetherness.

Nature's beauty is difficult to miss. It captivates our attention and makes us rave about it. From lush green fields to forests, lakes to fountains, hills to beaches, every single part of the world is a sight to behold. Looking at nature, our eyes get a relaxation effect and breathing fresh air fills our senses with a calm that doesn't come anywhere else. It is this beauty and humanity of the world that I love the most.

Exploring the beautiful pearls of nature and relishing their beauty and solidarity can be attained only with travel. Through travel, we not only explore new places, we also get a chance to meet new people and open our horizons of thinking. Conversing with people helps us to understand them better and makes us more worldly wise. Being open minded improves our thinking and changes our perspective of life. Every travel experience brings with it something unique, something different and something wonderful which we cherish the rest of our lives.

My first experience with travel to a different state was when I was seven years old. That being my first journey is still fresh in my mind. We traveled by train to Dharwad, Mysore and Bangalore, looked at the lush green fields along the way, and visited Brindavan gardens, children’s parks, zoo, museum and several malls. This travel experience will always remain as one of the most cherished memories of my life as it was the first time I came out of my comfort zone, met new people, explored new places and enjoyed nature's beauty in abundance.

The first wonderful experience triggered a quest for travel in me as the novelty we get on seeing a new place is difficult to resist. I have traveled to several places later on and explored its beauty and diversity. During most of my journeys, I have come across so many people who help each other whole heartedly without expecting anything in return. This has strengthened my belief on the humanity of the world and made me more understanding towards others. It has also made me a lover  of nature and its beauty. I have come to realize that God has made this world so beautiful, pure, and clean and each one of us is responsible for our actions and behavior towards each other and towards nature to make the world a wonderful place to live.

A short poem on the beauty of the world and importance of travel

There is beauty
In every corner of the world
There is mystery
Hidden underneath every soul

Every part, every region
Has a different story to tell
Of civilizations, of culture, of religion
And of people who dwell

Lush green fields
And beach side walk
Mountain views
And watching moonlight in the dark

Every gem of nature
Is worth cherishing
Every journey
Worth remembering

Travel also opens our horizons
And boundaries
as meeting new people
Gives everlasting memories

Destinations are plenty
But time is short
Flying with Luftansa
Is our best resort

They take us to places
Near and far
With Comfort and convenience
Above par

Nature is so beautiful
There is so much to see
One lifetime is not sufficient
As world is a big place to be


Also check out this video from Luftansa.

Days will pass, months will go by and years too will fly away, but our tryst with travel will never end as there is always still something more to hope, something different to learn, and something new to discover for attaining inner happiness and tranquility.


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