Hi friends, welcome back to my blog. Today I am sharing a DIY project that I made recently. I made a cool mirror keychain using small mirrors and cardboard.

The keychain came out super cute and everyone at home was mighty impressed. They could not believe that it was handmade.

You can give the keychain as a gift to your friends, and they will love it. So lets move on to the things I used to make this mirror keychain.

Things required to make mirror keychain

Small mirrors
Strong glue/ glue gun
5 cm diameter lid/ bangle
Cardboard pieces
Disposable Aluminium box lid/ silver paper
Silver colored lace
Eye pin
keyring holder
Jump ring


  • Take a disposable aluminium box lid that is coated with a silver color paper. 
  • Using a lid draw two circles and cut the pieces.
  • Same way cut two circles from the cardboard.
  • Now glue the two cardboard pieces together and the silver circles on either side to make a thick silver circle. 
  • Glue the mirrors on both sides.
  • Glue the lace along the circumference of the thick silver circle that we made.
  • Now insert the eye pin through it and glue it in place.
  • Finally insert a jump ring through the eye pin hole and connect it with the keyring holder.
  • Our DIY Mirror Keychain is now ready!
  • You can flaunt it by hanging on your bag or can give it as a gift to your friends.

You can check out the video below for a better understanding on how to make this Mirror Keychain at home.

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