Body measurements can be taken using the inch tape. For e.g., for 0 to 1 measurement, keep ‘0’ of the inch tape at the junction between neck and shoulder and measure up to the required length of the dress. Similarly take the waist length from ‘0’ up to the thinnest part of the body (waist). Similarly measure the waist, hip, chest, and round neck around the body (i.e. full circle) by placing the ‘0’ of inch tape on one end and noting down the measurement that comes after a full circle is completed. For measuring the shoulders, place ‘0’ on one shoulder bone and measure the distance from there to the other shoulder bone. Measure the required front and back neck depth from ‘0’ as shown. Take ‘4’ to ‘5’ measurement from the shoulder bone up to the required length of the sleeve and ‘5’ to ‘6’ measurement around the arm (i.e. full circle).

0-1= length of the dress
0-2= waist length
3-4= shoulder
4-5= sleeve length
5-6= round arm
0-7= front neck depth (similarly for back)

a- Chest
b- Waist                 Around the body
c- Hip
d- Round neck

While taking these measurements make sure that you take all the measurements exact to the body. Do not take it either too loose or too tight. Just take the correct measurement of the body. If the measurements are not taken properly, then the dress stitched will not be perfect.


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